Latvian Republic diploma

International Diploma



Nowadays the profession of a SPA SPECIALIST is becoming especially needed. It is connected with an active development of SPA branch and also a great interest of people who visit SPA salons and SPA centers in order to improve their health, aesthetic appearance, and to release their emotional tension.
SPA SPECIALIST – it is a specialist who is working in the industry of beauty. This specialist has a right to work in beauty salons and SPA centers as a “SPA SPECIALIST”, and also may keep private practice in the appropriate specialty.
During the working process SPA SPECIALISTS apply their knowledge and gathered experience purposely to improve overall health of their clients.

At the conclusion of studies the graduates receive TWO DOCUMENTS CONFIRMING their PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION:

1. LR Professional Qualification Certificate (Latvijas Valsts apliecība par profesionālo izglītību) that provides its holders with a „SPA SPECIALIST” qualification and enables them to obtain employment in the appropriate profession in Latvia.

2. ITEC International Diploma (London) that provides its holders with professional education and that is recognized in over 35 countries worldwide (UK Accreditation: QAN 500/7458/1 Level 3).
ITEC International Diploma conforms to the international standards and enables its holders to obtain employment in SPA, Wellness and Beauty industries (at hotels, salons, health resorts) in more than 35 countries of the world, including also Great Britain, Ireland, the USA,countries of the EU, Australia and Asian countries. (


– Anatomy and physiology , restrictions to make SPA treatment;
– Organisation of working place;
– SPA – philosophy and concept of complementary and alternative therapies;
– SPA ethics and psychology of communication with customers;
– Basics of heathy lifestyle and dietology;
– Aromatherapy;
– Reflexology;
– Basics of water treatments;
– Basics of business and development;
– Meeting with world famous cosmetics brands.

Massage techniques:

– Full body massage;
– Aromamassage;
– Reflexology massage;
– Estetique lymph drainage massage;
– Hot stone massage;
– Express Onsite massage;
– Honey massage;
– Wraps and peels of body;
– SPA relax massage.

To enter a course of study it is necessary to present the following documents:
• a copy of the passport
• SPA SCHOOL filled in application form
• two photos (3×4 cm)
• the certificate of secondary or higher education
• It is necessary to sign a training contract