Professional International training center SPA SCHOOL


The training center  SPA SCHOOL  is the place where teachers and students think in the spirit of mutual victory and direct their energy to mutually beneficial cooperation and achievement of the highest results.

Graduates of  SPA SCHOOL  are specialists capable of making decisions and being responsible for the results.

Professional training SPA SCHOOL has the following programs: SPA specialist, Yoga specialist, Aroma therapy and cosmetology.

Benefits of studying in SPA SCHOOL :

  • high professionalism of out tutors and study programs;
  • individual behavior to each student gives high quality of education;
  • using of modern technologies in study process;
  • we give student all necessary theory books;
  • flexible schedule of education;
  • affordable prices for education;
  • comfortable classrooms;
  • active help in students future work places.

Educational center SPA SCHOOL is in historical center of Riga, Kalpaka boulevard 10, 3rd floor.

Profession SPA Specialist

SPA SCHOOL trains SPA Specialists and provides them with professional qualification Diploma with assignment of the 3rd level qualification of a SPA SPECIALIST profession (occupational standard Nr. 325907, accreditation Nr.АР 1646), that give the right for employment by the appropriate profession Latvia.

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Professional study program specialist of Yoga.


Yoga school SPA SCHOOL, gives education in yoga teaching with giving professional diploma level 3, Latvian republic(professional standard №325002, number of licence P-13964), what gives you opportunity to work on this specialty in Latvia. If it is necessary, students also can pass ITEC exam, to have additional diploma of professional education.

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International Diploma ITEC

SPA SCHOOL became first training center in Baltic states, who got international accreditation ITEC and also

became a center who officially allowed to award ITEC diplomas.

Studies at SPA SCHOOL are organized in accordance with ITEC International Program (London). At the conclusion of studies SPA SCHOOL graduates receive ITEC International Diploma (London) that enables them to obtain employment and organize business undertakings in over 35 countries worldwide, such as Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, China and etc.

Programs of additional education


Also you can have additional education in SPA SCHOOL.  Unique programs, like English for SPA specialists, Aroma psichology and cosmetology basics, what is highly classified within students and workplaces.

There is possibility to attend seminars, with known tutors in SPA SCHOOL. Also SPA SCHOOL invite tutors from all over the world.

Tutors of SPA SCHOOL


In terms of the level of teaching staff, material and technical equipment, the content of curricula and teaching materials, the SPA School is the best professional training center in Latvia, preparing professional SPA SPECIALISTS and YOGA SPECIALISTS for working in the beauty, health and wellness industry not only in Latvia, but also far beyond its limits.

Graduates who receive education under the ITEC International Program immediately after receiving the International ITEC Diploma (London) receive employment opportunities in 35 countries of the world, which expands their opportunities not only professional but also territorial.

The SPA SCHOOL Training Center is fully staffed by teachers with higher education and extensive work experience in the specialty, able to conduct training in a communicative technique, including in a professional environment.

SPA SCHOOL tutors:

– are unchangeable speakers at International and Baltic Conferences and Forums,
– carry out researches,
– perform Internet Conferencesand give seminars for students,
– give outdoor seminars in SIC and European countries.
– organize health maintenance programs and arrangements for the students.


Partners of SPA SCHOOL


SPA SCHOOL has proven itself in the Latvian market and has received many positive reviews from graduates and their employers – the leading beauty salons and SPA centers in Latvia. Graduates of the SPA school, immediately after graduation, start their professional activities, finding employment in the leading Latvian SPA Centers, such as Hotel Jurmala SPA, Baltic Beach Hotel, TB Palace, Amber SPA, ESPA Riga, Taka SPA, Park SPA, Kempinski SPA, Wellton и др.

The best graduates of the SPA school assist in employment, giving recommendations to the most elite beauty salons and SPA centers and yoga centers in Latvia. Graduates of the SPA school have the opportunity, immediately after graduation and receiving a diploma of education, to work as a SPA specialist or a specialist in yoga, to start their own entrepreneurial activities and conduct private practice.

SPA SCHOOL constantly provides employment opportunities for graduates of International ITEC (London) programs in SPA hotels in European countries. To this end, the SPA school has established active cooperation with both employment agencies in Europe and direct contacts with international employers.

The SPA SCHOOL Training Center with the support of the Latvian SPA & Wellness Federation organizes events such as the Baltic SPA Championship, the Students’ Alley of Masters competition, the annual Baltic Spa Conference and others.




The SPA SCHOOL massage school has successfully completed the process of accrediting the training center, and has also received accreditation of vocational education programs: “SPA SPECIALIST” (No. AP 2927 accreditation sheet) and “SPECIALIST ON YOGA” (AP 4848 accreditation sheet number)

The SPA SCHOOL training center trains people of different ages, kind of activities and interests, but at the end of them all unites one – a favorite profession that gives people joy and restores health!